Trust your self.

Singing is a physical skill, not an intellectual exercise, and it takes time to master.

Be patient with yourself.

Mastering a physical, emotional and artistic discipline such as singing takes time.

The thought or statment "that person is a better singer than me, I'm not getting anywhere" fuses two ideas that are separate. The other person may indeed be a better singer than you, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with your progress.

Your only accurate yardstick is you.

Have you improved in the areas you are working on in the past month? three months? six months? year? Your only accurate way to measure your progress is you today versus you in the past.

Process is like climbing steps, not walking up an incline.

When you first try something new, you usually get it on the first or second try.

Then, the next ten times you can't find the coordination again.

Then, you'll get it once or twice, or maybe even for a little bit - and then it goes away.

Gradually - over time and repeated attempts - it starts to come together more frequently.

When you get it right about half the time is when you are most frustrated and want to give up.

This is the point where if you continue to try to tackle it, you will eventually succeed after repeated effort.

You will have a break-through and "move up" to the next step on your way to mastery.