Trust your preparation.

Your audition is your chance to test what is holding in your preparation, and what you need to work on. It is your "find-out".

It's the time to discover how well you are crafting your talent, not whether or not you have talent.

As you review your audition, take note of everything you did well, as well as the things you want to improve next time.

You have all worked so very diligently for this audition. Trust that your preparation will hold and that you will present your current personal best*!

*You can only present your current personal best. Your personal best will be better in a year, but it's not a year later right now. It's today.

Let your character do the audition.


Gets you to bed on time, up in the morning, cleaned up, fed and dressed.


Gets you to your training (and keeps you going to your training), gets you to the audition prepared (everything memorized; knows the dance steps; dresses appropriately; has music, resume & headshot on hand if needed) and on-time (on-time is early so you are ready to go at call time).


Does all of the character development - blocking, motivation, choices, obstacles, etc.


Does your actual audition - the one who is feeling and thinking “all the things”; is fully, alive and present in the moment.

Know what is outside of your control.

The people building the cast are constructing a jigsaw puzzle from the pieces on hand (actors) to build something close to their concept. Their concept. Not yours. Theirs.

You may give the best audition of the day and be the most talented performer on the planet, but if you don't fit what they are looking for, you won't get the role.

And there is no way you can really, truly know what they are looking for. The casting call might say "male, 20s, brown hair, tall", and really mean "male, with browner hair than the female lead; who is a little taller, but not too much taller, than her; oh, and who doesn't remind me of my cousin whom I hate - but I'm not going to tell you that; and I like people who sound constricted when they sing, but I'm not going to tell you that, either."

Or, the call might say "female, 20s, girl-next-door type" and in the casting they find a guy they like, decide to have him play the part instead and rewrite the script / recast all the roles.