Trust time.

Learning is a series of repetitions over time.

Learn by Rote.

The only way to learn any new skill is by rote. Sadly, there are no shortcuts. The more good repetitions, the better the new skill goes in.

To a degree, it’s more the number of repetitions that matter, than the timeframe. So 20 reps at 2 a day over 10 days or 20 reps at 10 day over 2 days is still 20 reps.

Reps do reach a diminishing point of return - if you do so many that you get sloppy, take a break.

By the way, you learn what you practice, so imprecise, careless repetitions are far more harm than good. If you think learning sucks, wait until you try unlearning.

Learn in Bite-Sized Pieces.

If you are not able to pull something off, keep breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces at slower and slower speeds until you find what you can accomplish in a small bit of the overall action at the fastest manageable speed.

Then you start to speed up what you can do well.

Then move on to another piece.

Then start chaining mastered pieces together.